Digital Multimeters

Data Group: 1289
SKU: 2040056
Weight (Kg): 1.0000
Decsription: MS6530B
HS Code: 8483.40.9000
Temperature Range: -20°C to 350°C (-4 °F to 662°F ) D:S (Distance to Spot size): 12:1 Laser Sighting: 1 point. Emissivity : Preset 0.95 Accuracy: ±1%, ( reading * 1% ± 1) Response Time: 500 ms MAX, MIN, DIF, and AVG: It memorize the Max, Min and calculate Average, it also gives you the value of DIF (Max - Min). Backlight: It has a bright LCD back light. Carrying Protective bag included. For more technique questions, Large, easy–to–read backlit display! Give instant non–contact readings, just point and shoot. Unlimited automotive and other uses! Measure in Celsius or Fahrenheit with an ultra–fast response time. Quick Specs: Wide temperature range Celsius or Fahrenheit selectable Low cost, State-of-Art design Max/Min/Average and the DIF (Max-Min) value temperature display Tripod-mountable

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