AC Motors

Data Group: 996
SKU: 1311145
Product Number: 50TYZ-E-220V5RPM-CCW
Category: AC Motors
HS Code: 8501.31.4000
Applications: Household Electrical Appliances / Laminator / Paper Shredder / Rotating Christmas Tree Stand / Spinning TV antenna / Auto Control Machine / Spotlight / Toys / Game Machine
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Dimension Height:16.5 mm
Rated voltage AC220/240V or AC110V/120V
Power frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz
Input power 3.5W
Input Current <0.02A
Insulation class E
Temp. Raising ≤45K
Insulation resistance >100mΩ
Insulation strength AC1500V 50Hz/min
Rotation CW, CCW, CW/CCW (Free)
Output Speed (RPM) 3, 4.1, 5
Hi-Tech magnetic material Compact and Low noise,High torque,Low operating temperature Using High precision Plastic and Meta Gear, CE approval

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